The Rocking Chair: Sheffield’s main venue for up-and-comers

Sheffield is renowned for its music scene, after being one of the hot spots in 2008 for live music(Tramlines Festival). The live music intrigue has been on the up, with a range of different smaller festivals happening all year round. One of the main featured locations for a lot of the up-and-comers is The Rocking Chair.

The intimate venue with two floors has started to be noticed.

Downstairs the venue has a small stage providing a close up connection between the band and the audience. However, even with a small capacity the venue provided great potential and has managed to host AMP festival for the second year running, taking over a full weekend from the 28th April – 1st May.

Noel Gallagher has proclaimed it to be “The best place in the UK for future rock and roll stars”.

Other gigs that are coming up at the venue are, Otherkin, Judas, Plaza, and Tangerines. With shows booked in almost every day up until June, it seems that the location is going to be the Hot spot on the Sheffield music circuit. Find out about tickets and check it out.


philWritten by Phil Revitt

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