Featured Blogger- Chloé Briggs’ 5 Fashion Must Haves in 2017

Guiding your way through all things fashion, Chloé Briggs is a blogger know as Fashion’s Guardian Angel. From Warwickshire, the 17 year old started a blog to work towards an apprenticeship in the fashion industry. She has attended Gok Wans Runways, several clothes show lives and London fashion weekend, always having an interest in fashion from a young age.

Check out on her post below or visit her website.

In this post, Chloé gives her top five items on trend in 2017.

Five Fashion Must Haves – 2017

As the new year rolls around the biggest question on every trend followers mind is what will the ultimate accessory to pull together the perfect outfit be this year. It’s always difficult to combine the latest fashion craze with your own personal style, and we all know that Carrie Bradshaw moment when after hours of throwing different pieces together we have it, the perfect outfit.

We all go into the new year blind, never knowing what to pull from the sales racks before it’s too late, but I’m here to help, looking at what supermodels such as Kendall Jenner have on their backs, I’ve created an *affordable* list on what you should have in your wardrobe this year.


If your ever having a day where you have no idea what to wear, you can literally never go wrong with one of these high neck bodysuits with jeans, heels or flats, it’s the perfect simple yet stylish combination. This one is only £8 from boohoo.com.


Going out after work? No problem! You can wear a classic white shirt with a skirt for a sexy office chic look, then switch out the skirt for jeans and throw on a pair of heels for the ideal effortless nighttime combo. Get this look for £18 from boohoo.com!


To purchase one of these silk robes could quite possibly be the best fashion move you’ve ever made. The second you slip into one of these, you’ll feel like a Victoria’s Secret model, guaranteed. Many celebs have paired these with statement belts and simplistic jewels, theses no question about this being a slick and classy look you’ll feel a million dollars wearing.


The thigh high boot is without a doubt is one of the most followed trends of 2017, you can literally throw these on with jeans, jumper dresses or Playsuits and instantly look like that girl who has her shit together. Boohoo.com has a huge selection at low prices


A classy pair of leather gloves is the key to an elegant and chic look. To me, they can really pull an outfit together and you can buy them from anywhere. Every fashion forward girl must own a pair of these, also, they’re a great way to stay warm in the harsh winter weather whylst keeping hot on the trends.

Written by Chloe Briggs

Guardian angel


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