Featured Blogger- Nicole Read talks working and blogging

Writing a bit about everything, Nicole Read is a 22-year-old blogger from Northamptonshire. Focusing on what she is passionate about, her blogs involve a range of topics, such as lifestyle, theatre, cultural events, food and drink, and travel. Originally completing her undergrad course in Musical Theatre, Nicole is now a content writer for a digital marketing company. She is also a campaigner for deaf awareness, as she is 60% deaf in one ear.

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In this post, Nicole gives her thoughts on what its like to be a blogger whilst having a full time job.


I have a full-time job. I have a blog. Balancing the two can be difficult.

Plenty of people work and plenty of people have hobbies or side businesses that they run simultaneously.  I do see my blog as a side business, or at least I’ve put myself in that mind frame because I’m so passionate about it and I want it to do well. I also read somewhere that if you constantly tell yourself that your blog is your hobby, then that will always stay that way: a hobby.

I really love my job, so this isn’t a post about me complaining that my job has taken over my blog or anything like that. I think in a way having this job has actually benefited my blog, because the stuff that I do in my everyday job life has opened up my mind to other topics that I could potentially write on this blog.

My job consists of me sitting at a desk 9am-5.30pm managing social media content, writing blogs and articles and it’s everything that I could ask for as a dream job. It allows me to be creative and I’m doing something that I love everyday.

Unfortunately, when I sit in front of a desk for that long, the last thing I want to do is sit further in front of my screen and manage my own social media and write my own blogs.

But I have learnt the hard way, thanks to my recent social media and blog absence that juggling both can be hard, but it’s also has it’s good moments too. Here are my thoughts:

It’s like having two full-time jobs – My job is Monday to Friday 9am – 5.30pm. My blog is all the hours afterwards, all the weekends, evenings and late nights. It’s something that I can never quite get out of my head when I’m trying to sleep and I’m always thinking of the next step. Then you wake up again and you have to go back to your job.

It’s hard to get a balance – Obviously, my job is my main priority. But it’s hard because you unfortunately I can’t afford to dedicate half of my time on my job and half of my time on my blog. I can’t physically do both. Because I’m sat in front of a screen all day, sometimes my eyes just need a break. It can be really bad for one’s health to stare at a screen all day, so I try and do other activities like reading a book. This is why I love the weekends so much as I feel that’s my time to dedicate to my blog, when I’m not socialising with friends or busy with other events.

You feel like you’re letting your blog down – I’ve been feeling recently that I’ve lacked in my blog because sometimes the last thing I want to do when I get home is to strap myself in front of my laptop and type after doing so all day. And that kinda sucks. But I’ve got to remember that I’m only human and I can’t hate myself for having a break. I don’t want to end up not wanting to write my blog, because it originally started as a hobby and I never want to loose the love for it. Having a break is okay, and it’s given me a heap of motivation and inspiration to write LOTS! Watch this space…

You have random moments of inspiration – I find when I’m working on other projects at work, I randomly get a burst of inspiration to write something of my own on my blog, which is a blessing and a curse at the same time. I’m always writing stuff down when I have moment bursts of inspiration so that I don’t forget it later on, and sometimes I even have to write full paragraphs of stuff just incase I totally forget something that’s on my mind.

It’s like having a million tabs open in your head – Work tabs, article tabs, blog tabs, social tabs… it never stops! I’m so bad at starting something then completing it before I start something else. I always end up starting something, then starting something else, then never completing the first thing I started. I’m actually doing it right now where I literally started this post, STRAIGHT AFTER leaving a drafted post that’s unfinished.

Blogging is an outlet – The main reason I started a blog is because it was something to keep me occupied while I was working in my little admin job, and it still is something I love and enjoy doing everyday. That’s something I am grateful for still having. I don’t know what I would do now if I didn’t have my blog to come back to as it feels like a permanent fixture in my life now.

You constantly look forward to the weekend – I don’t mean that I look forward to the weekend because I hate my job. I love my job. My reasons for looking forward to the weekends is because I get excited about having 2 whole days to do what I want to do, and as sad as that is, nothing excites me more than getting myself a pot of tea, some snacks and sitting down on my bed or at my desk and getting all my blogging stuff done. I have a to-do list as long as my arm and I find every week it never gets completed.

To the bloggers out there who have a full-time job, maintains a blog, manages to schedule all your tweets, blog posts and social media posts and somehow still manages to have a social life, good health, and sleep…


I’m still figuring out how to get my shit together.

Maybe one day I will.

Have any other bloggers struggled with the balance of work and blogging? How do you cope with it? TELL ME YOUR SECRET!

Written by Nicole Read

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