Sophia Woodcraft

17457502_895148373961697_7312739444180400243_nFrom Lincolnshire, Sophia Woodcraft is a passionate singer and songwriter, with a hypnotising and  haunting voice.

“I absolutely love music. I’ve always sung and written songs,” she said. “I find it a very cathartic process.”

Sophia performed her first gig when she was 16 years old. Over the past 10 years, she has been travelling, always with a guitar, singing and writing. In this last year she has started to play and sing to live audiences again.

With a what she describes as a “modern folk feel,” Sophia performs her own songs, whilst playing acoustic guitar, singing about stories from her travels, about hope and love, as well as death and loss. She also about to start recording her debut EP.

To see when shes performing next and for more information, go to her Facebook page.

You can also listen to her tracks on Soundcloud.


LpolkinghorneWritten by Laura Polkinghorne


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