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Busty and Backless: Ways to pull off having a big chest and going backless 

Never has it been more popular to go bra-less than now, slinky and revealing outfits are one of the biggest trends this winter, following the likes of Kendall Jenner’s birthday party Paris Hilton style dress, many dupes have been made and sold out over the course of just a few weeks. This trend however only seems to fit one category, and that’s smaller chested girls. The struggle with having a larger chest is being unable to go bra-less and finding any sexy outfits that look half decent on top. However, it isn’t totally impossible. Larger chested girls can totally pull this off, they just need to know how. Being a larger chested girl I have gone through the struggles and figured out what works, so below I have listed the ways I did so.

Backless tops. 

These days, Almost top every piece on the runway either has a plunge neckline or is backless. It works well with girls who are of a smaller chest size, but many larger girls have totally ruled those types of clothing out, unnecessary.

You could easily get away with wearing a backless top paired with a pretty bra. One of which you don’t mind showing off.

Backless bodysuits. 

One of the simple tricks to rocking a backless bodysuit is to find one with cups. For example:

These types of bodysuits still provide the required amount of support which ensures your chest remains in place.

Bra hacks. 

There are loads of bra hacks that allow you to still have the support of the bra and not have it visible and ruin the aesthetic. But the one which worked for me was the bra band extension. You can purchase the extenders on Amazon and they are an amazing way to wear a low back dress or top without having to worry about a bra being on show.

These are just some of the ways, if all else fails there’s always duct tape! Hope these work out for you, never loose confidence !

Written by Chloe Briggs

Guardian angel


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