A mist fills the room. A testosterone haze soaks the audience. Its seems that if you were in a prominent Sheffield school, your life ambition after GCSEs is to be a musician. You’ve heard of High School Musical, I’ve experienced it first hand. However, it seems that no ones deciding between basket ball and music. Everyone is aiming to be a star.

Although everyone’s in it for the fame and success, there’s a real sense of community and pride amongst Sheffield’s performers. Henderson had their second gig at Leadmill. As a venue that has previously had shows by notorious town borns, such as Pulp, it makes sense that new talent would want to jump on the venues eternal reputation.

The only thing this band lacks is stage presence, but for a second performance there were little flaws in the band. Jake Ward (drums), Matt Bond (Bass), Josh Rhodes (Vocals) and Joe White (Guitar) create an indie rock sound that is blissfully catchy, showcasing original music with songs such as The Enemy and Catch me if you Can.

Although obviously filled with the adrenaline of performing, it was obvious from the start that the band had been non-stop preparing for the gig, as their entire set was well rehearsed and it was easy to see that they were loving every second. To say the band wasn’t headlining, it was evident that they had supplied most of the crowd, with half the audience shouting back ‘Hendo’s” at any chance they got.

When quizzed about their name (Henderson) I was expecting a trivial answer, with the band originating in Sheffield it seemed logical that the name would be a response to the heritage, however, on further investigation Jake provided the background to the name;

“We were looking up anything we could think of on Urban dictionary and it just so happened that Henderson meant, the act of falling wildly in love with a female and professing this to her passionately, and losing interest within a week.”

The band are set to hit the stage again on the 22nd of April and are certainly one to watch.


philWritten by Phil Revitt

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