Sweet Little Machine

There are two things I enjoy when the sun first comes out: I enjoy driving with the windows down and those few songs that make you think just for one second that it’s almost summer.

Sun’s out, get your pop punk out.

Sweet Little Machine have just released their newest video to go with their newest EP and to celebrate they are on their UK tour, hitting cities up and down the country, Glasgow, Bristol and Norwich just to name a few.

The previous EP that was released contained five tracks that should be enough to entice anyone into one of their shows but with the new release of track Hurricanes thats even more of reason to find out the closest show.

Hurricanes further proves that the band intend to carry on how they started with their original EP, the song is full of energy and is almost reminiscent of the teen age emo with, a new modern twist, making Sweet Little Machine a guilty pleasure to shout about.

Watch their newest video now. You won’t be disappointed. 

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philWritten by Phil Revitt

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