4000miles EP

It seems that most people at the moment want to travel, for the adventure, self-discovery, or just because they aren’t quite ready for adult life at the moment. Pete and Billy from I Set the Sea on Fire are making the most of the itchy feet feeling and are aiming to travel through Europe and record an EP, collaborating with as many artists as possible from different countries. As experienced musicians and completing a degree in music production, they are hoping to pack up their studio and take the recording to the artists.

After being part of a music festival in Korea featuring different artists from different countries, the idea was formed to create a complete EP that included elements recorded from different people in different countries. Hopefully the tracks that are recorded will have a new and original sound as it will feature people with different backgrounds.

The band are writing the songs that are going to be recorded, each different artist will have their own part to play: “The idea is to get a singer from one place and then a guitarist from somewhere else to get together and play on the same track.” The different elements will then be brought together in editing to produce the 4000miles EP.

All the proceeds from the EP are going to be donated to UNICEF.

Overall the songs are going to be diverse Pete explained that: “We haven’t got a specific genre in mind, but we write pretty funky stuff because that’s what we play as a band already and some of the bands we have in mind play a similar style so it will probably turn out pretty similar”.

The guys are hoping to raise £2000 for the project and have sent up an indigo page the will help people get involved. In a week they have reached the 15% mark and are pushing the project as hard as they can.

Donate now at their IndiGoGo page.


philWritten by Phil Revitt

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