Sam Neighbour

Planning to record an acoustic EP in the Summer, and crazily over prepared with 20 songs waiting to be taken into the studio Sam Neighbour isn’t holding back. With a gig almost every other weekend at open mic’s or charity events, he’s aiming to get the word out about his music before he lays down the tracks for “The Art of Getting By”.

Taking inspiration from classic 80’s music that your mum and dad would be proud of, with rock, blues and pop all working their way into the mix, Sam gets some of his bouncy melodies from The Smiths, Frank Turner and Barenaked Ladies.

Always seeming to be happiest when holding a guitar, Sam uploads original and covers onto Facebook, and also does Facebook Live, so if you can’t make it to some of his gigs you can still share in the experience.

His official Facebook page has all the information about upcoming gigs at local venues.

But when it comes to a plan, Sam is more about the love for music than anything else:

“I don’t really have a plan as of yet, I like to take it as it comes. If that’s the case then I’d have to put a lot more work in and get a few more gigs than I’m currently doing at the moment. Writing is a passion of mine and even if I ended up writing music for other people I think I’d be very happy doing that as it’s something I really enjoy.”


philWritten by Phil Revitt

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