DarkMark Creations

Unleashing his creative side, Mark set up his own business of beautiful artwork – DarkMark Creations.

His work involves creating ink and pencil portraits, custom-made masks, sculptures and mosaics. His most iconic look involves using smashed up mirrors!

He has been featured in several art exhibitions, as well as drawing many pieces of art for sale. Mark also creates commissions on request.

He classes himself as a “freelance artist and professional mirror smasher” who loves seeing his creations across the UK.  With his mirrored bunny masks being popular, he said, that soon there will be “an army of Dark Bunnies”.

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To see more of his work, check out his Facebook and Instagram.

Interested in requesting a commission? Call DarkMark on 07530 037007 or send him an email: markollington19@hotmail.com


Lpolkinghorne Written by Laura Polkinghorne

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