Mike Bradbury

The only time I have ever managed to have a nice photo of myself, is taken by me. Where I can see the screen, know my angles, and most importantly, have access to as many filters as possible to make sure I look like a way more flattering version of myself. Whereas some people just have a natural talent when it comes to photography, Mike Bradbury is one of those people.

After graduating university and specialising in Photography, it seems that Mike might have found a natural flare for doing the impossible, taking a good photo of someone. Working with clothing brands in Lincoln he has found his calling when it comes to fashion photography.


Constantly adapting his style, he has produced diverse photos for the same companies, keeping the brands identity and making sure that each one is ‘picture perfect’ for every different need.

With brands constantly changing to reach new audiences, Mike seems to be keeping up and capturing just what is needed for each range after working with brands such as @dawn.fresh.

“The photos have turned out great though I feel…as brands are always changing I’m moving with them”.

AAA_2189Mike sets his sights high and is looking to stretch out, not just working in photography but also expanding onto digital, creating a variety of different content for fashion labels. Constantly thinking of new ways to excite and engage people seems to be one of the main focuses, but isn’t scared to take things back to basics with more minimalist style photos.

What’s great about Mikes photography is that they are always exciting and full of movement, with some of his earlier work featuring break-dancers for brands like dawn fresh. Honestly, I’m sick of seeing a skinny girl stare sullen into the camera, which makes Mikes work refreshing and interesting to look at.

The real question is, when’s my close up?


phil Written by Phil Revitt

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