Q&A with DITR

Jamie Donkin, Sabrina Gaertner, Charlie Strong and Peter Bristow are DITR – a hard and alternative rock band. Based in Guildford, Surrey, they are all studying for degrees at the Academy of Contemporary Music. They chat to NBT about how they formed and their plans for the future of the band.

Q:Can you tell me a bit yourself?

Jamie: I’m 19 years old and the singer and guitarist in the band. I’ve played the guitar and been writing songs for 10 years. I have a lot of influences and interests into different genres of music. I also enjoy film, theatre and sports.

Sabrina: I’m 20 years old and the drummer. I’ve been playing drums for almost 7 years. My other interests include music, art, travelling and reading.

Charlie: I’m 19 years old and the bassist. I’ve been playing bass for just over a year, but wanted to start since I was 13. My interests are music (especially prog), films, dog walking and CD collecting.

Peter: I’m the lead guitarist and I am 20 years old. I’ve been playing the guitar 8 years now. I also have interests in music, food, video games and a couple of good books

Q:What does your name mean?

Jamie: When we came up with the name DITR we decided it was a really cool word, so decided to stick with it. It’s an abbreviation for something but we’re keeping that a secret.

Q:How did you become a band?

Peter: Jamie (the other guitarist) and I both formed this band back in September 2016 and we had a couple of people audition from September on-wards.

We then had Charlie (the bass player) join the band not long after we started auditions. We picked up a our last drummer round about November/ December time, but he left end of January. And we have settled down with a current drummer (Sabrina) since the start of February and that’s our current line up.

We perform a mixture of hard rock, alternative rock and metal. We also perform our on songs, with one or two covers as well.

Q:What inspires you?

Jamie: I think my main inspiration is music as a whole and the amazing things it can lead to. All my life I’ve wanted to make people happy with my music and if that means a career in the industry, then that is what drives me even more: something I love as my job. I am inspired by places, favourite artists and everyone in my life, I want to make them happy and myself happy

Charlie: I’m inspired by progressive rock and metal and bands such as Tool, King Crimson, Porcupine Tree, Opeth and Anathema. I’m also inspired by lots of bass driven bands such as Primus.

Sabrina: Music has always been a hugely important part of my life and has always inspired me. I am inspired by Rock, Metal and Pop Punk in particular, especially artists such as System of a Down, Travis Barker and Chad Smith. I also get a lot of inspiration from places and people that mean a lot to me.

Peter: This is one of the few things I’ve got going for me and I love it, I really would love this to be my job, that and the sheer fact that I have always wanted to play in my own band and write thought provoking lyrics.


The band are currently working on recording their first single, which will be available soon.

In the meantime, you can check out their Facebook and Instagram.

Have a listen below.

You can also listen to them on Soundcloud.


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