Featured Blogger- Nicole Read aka Tea with Nicole

Nicole Read has had re-brand. Her blog is now known as Tea With Nicole.
Writing a bit about everything, Nicole is a 22-year-old blogger from Northamptonshire. Focusing on what she is passionate about, her blogs involve a range of topics, such as lifestyle, theatre, cultural events, food and drink, and travel. Originally completing her undergrad course in Musical Theatre, Nicole is now a content writer for a digital marketing company. She is also a campaigner for deaf awareness, as she is 60% deaf in one ear. 
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You can also contact her at msnicoleread@gmail.com

I’m back! Introducing “Tea With Nicole”


Well, hello there!

Long time no blog!

There’s been a few reasons why I haven’t blogged in a while. I needed a social media break in general, as I was becoming bored of going on my own social media accounts and updating them regularly when I spend the majority of my working week doing so for other clients and for my work; therefore the last thing I wanted to do was stare at a computer screen more!

Work has kept me stupidly busy and I’ve been feeling de-motivated over my blog. So I’ve decided to completely re-brand and have a fresh start!

Introducing… Tea with Nicole.

I thought long and hard over the name, with many of you on Twitter giving me suggestions but I finally went with this name because it had a nice ring to it and I am often caught with a cuppa in hand whilst writing!

It also means that I have completely started from scratch with my Instagram. My old Instagram included posts from way back in 2014 before I even started blogging, and there are some posts on there that I wasn’t comfortable sharing to the public and even still I was getting accounts liking posts from years ago. So new blog, new Instagram!

Despite the name change, not much else will be changing on this blog. I’ll still be writing the same kind of posts, including lots of Lifestyle, Theatre, Travel, Food and the occasional Deaf Awareness post. I’ve edited some old posts, I’ve even deleted some which I feel are no longer relevant but I’ve made the appropriate changes in order to feel 100% happy with the content I’m producing and now I have my blogging mojo back!

Has anyone else felt the same with their blog? I feel if you don’t like something, change it.

Much love x

Written by Nicole Read


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