Jones Creative Zone


A brand new, creative company has just emerged to take businesses to the next level. Jones Creative Zone aims to provide the best and greatest branding for any company. As a brand new company, they know that their skills come with originality and flare, proven to bring a new spark of talent to the table.

Focusing on companies ready for a creative shake-up, Jones Creative Zone work for both corporate & personal, with a range of branding options including photography, graphic & web design, marketing & videography.

The multi-talented team doesn’t just work for the next big company, they are also available for wedding hire, photo shoots, and edits, as well as party photography.

What’s great about this company is that they are fully aware they are new, and because of that, they are using their skills to add flare that hasn’t been seen before- Focusing completely on what the customer is asking for, along with not being corrupted by bigger companies.

This fresh eye is what any company needs if their branding needs a spruce. The founder of the company Emma Jones had this to say: “Email, phone, and social media we don’t focus on anything we do everything creative, we’re a fully rounded company”.

With the company only being open for a month, there are big plans for the future. They are hoping to be working with as many clients as possible and creating the best content possible.


phil Written by Phil Revitt

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