Featured Blogger- Erin Harding talks about The Gingerman in Brighton

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In this post, she writes about the restaurant she discovered in Brighton.

The Gingerman, Brighton: A tiny treasure trove of tasty delights!

The inside was small and cosy, and definitely the kind of place that’s classy without being overly showy. Glancing down the extensive wine menu, I honestly had no clue what anything was! This wasn’t a place for your familiar Merlot or Pinot Grigio, nevertheless we took a stab in the dark and ordered the cheapest white wine. It did the job, fruity and refreshing.


It would’ve been rude not to take advantage of the set menu, which was incredibly good value for the quality of food they offer. We had breaded cod balls and asparagus soup to start, both of which were delicious. After this an unexpected, bonus course of pulled pork bites arrived before the main, which were actually even tastier than the starter itself. It’s the kind of place where the waiter explains the entire dish before you eat it, which is a nice touch, although you do find anticipation builds as you wait to dig in!


The main course was guinea fowl with boudin blanc, celariac puree, spinach and little onions. It was beautifully presented, although it looked quite small and I was expecting to still be hungry afterwards. However, I was proved wrong and the main was deceptively filling, not to mention extremely tasty. Easily the best part of the meal!

Dessert was a refreshing and indulgent mix of chocolate cream and coconut sorbet, finished with peanut crumble and tangy chilli salt. This really was a treat for the taste buds and an exciting way to finish.


A meal like this could easily cost you an arm and a leg, but the set menu at The Gingerman is £20 for three courses. So if you’re looking for a refined and tasty lunch in Brighton, it’s definitely worth a visit.

Written by Erin Harding


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