The Projects

Jam packed with chairs of each shape and size, the quirky bar in Spilsby Theatre was the setting for a wonderful night of acoustic music. The Projects concert was a huge success, with the audience clapping and tapping their feet at every opportunity.

Headliners The Projects, were made up of Simon Hough and Daniel Reid. As Simon is also currently the lead singer of the band Big Country, the audience consisted of hardcore fans, as well as local regulars.

The first act to perform on the intimate stage, was supporting artist, The Siren (aka Caroline Cakebread). A vision in blue, she played the acoustic guitar, whilst singing with a meaningful voice, that had depth and variety. She introduced each song, so we understood the thoughts behind the intriguing lyrics. Her songs were melancholy and eerie, but also had a beautiful, hypnotic feel.

To follow was Sopiha Woodcraft. Dressed in black with red tipped, curly hair, she also played the acoustic guitar whilst singing, with a bassist joining her on certain songs. Her songs picked up the pace of the evening and the audience clapped along. Her voice was stunning and haunting. She played original songs, that I would want to listen to again.

The main act was The Projects. With an excellent stage presence and stance, the pair captivated the audience. Their harmonies were on point, with both playing guitar, Simon on lead vocals and Daniel on back up. They had a balanced mixture of songs from their new album as well as some Big Country classics, which the crowd were more than willing to sing along to. Their songs were upbeat, funky and incredibly good. The guys themselves were friendly, chatting to the fans after their set. An excellent gig that was thoroughly enjoyable.


Check out Spilsby Theatre for more interesting gigs.

Or the artists’ Facebook pages: The Siren and Sophia Woodcraft.

Follow Simon Hough on Twitter and see his tweets below, or message him on Facebook.


Lpolkinghorne Written by Laura Polkinghorne

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