Who are we?

The world is full of talented people. We want to showcase that.

Music, artist, creative in general? We want to feature the newest and greatest of talent entering the scene.

Whilst mainstream, established artist take up the limelight, our focus is on those that are yet to be heard about, the up and comers and the people who want to make it big in what they’re passionate about.

If that’s you, then head over to our contact page and let us know who are. We would love to write about you!

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This is us.

  • Laura Polkinghorne


18309027_10154826595209261_1055543400_nHey! I’m doing a MA in Journalism and love to write, especially about the arts and entertainment. I’ve got experience in writing for magazines, as well as an undergrad in English.

Fun Facts: My favourite song is Zombie by The Cranberries. I’ve had many hairstyle, including a half shaved head. I owned a cat called Dilvey when I was little. I was choreographer for the Musical Theatre society at uni. Love a cup of a tea.

  • Phil Revitt

philYo. I’m too nosy for my own good which means I want to know about everything and tell everyone. A music and film lover, with an undergrad in Media Production. Normally your go to radio girl now turned writer(ish).

Fun Facts: I have a taxidermy butterfly collection. My entire wardrobe is black #goth. I’m the one that makes you get up to do Karaoke even though neither of us should sing. Mild caffeine addiction. Not Vanilla.


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The Next Big Thing are putting people on the creative map and proving just how important the work we do is!” -Jones Creative Zone