Mike Bradbury

The only time I have ever managed to have a nice photo of myself, is taken by me. Where I can see the screen, know my angles, and most importantly, have access to as many filters as possible to make sure I look like a way more flattering version of myself. Whereas some people just … Continue reading Mike Bradbury


Jo Sharpe

Jo Sharpe has been producing and selling her artwork since 2011. Her beautiful paintings consist of landscapes and still life, using oil paints. She says: "Brought up in East Anglia, I am inspired by the countryside of north Norfolk and the beauty spots of Surrey, Cornwall and the South of England. I love colour, creating … Continue reading Jo Sharpe


A mist fills the room. A testosterone haze soaks the audience. Its seems that if you were in a prominent Sheffield school, your life ambition after GCSEs is to be a musician. You've heard of High School Musical, I've experienced it first hand. However, it seems that no ones deciding between basket ball and music. … Continue reading Henderson


Guiding your way through all things fashion, Chloé Briggs is a blogger know as Fashion's Guardian Angel. From Warwickshire, the 17-year-old started a blog to work towards an apprenticeship in the fashion industry. She has attended Gok Wans Runways, several clothes show lives and London fashion weekend, always having an interest in fashion from a young age. … Continue reading FEATURED BLOGGER- CHLOÉ BRIGGS TALKS ABOUT BACKLESS TOPS