Sam Neighbour

Planning to record an acoustic EP in the Summer, and crazily over prepared with 20 songs waiting to be taken into the studio Sam Neighbour isn't holding back. With a gig almost every other weekend at open mic's or charity events, he's aiming to get the word out about his music before he lays down … Continue reading Sam Neighbour


Sweet Little Machine

There are two things I enjoy when the sun first comes out: I enjoy driving with the windows down and those few songs that make you think just for one second that it's almost summer. Sun's out, get your pop punk out. Sweet Little Machine have just released their newest video to go with their … Continue reading Sweet Little Machine


A mist fills the room. A testosterone haze soaks the audience. Its seems that if you were in a prominent Sheffield school, your life ambition after GCSEs is to be a musician. You've heard of High School Musical, I've experienced it first hand. However, it seems that no ones deciding between basket ball and music. … Continue reading Henderson

The Rocking Chair: Sheffield’s main venue for up-and-comers

Sheffield is renowned for its music scene, after being one of the hot spots in 2008 for live music(Tramlines Festival). The live music intrigue has been on the up, with a range of different smaller festivals happening all year round. One of the main featured locations for a lot of the up-and-comers is The Rocking … Continue reading The Rocking Chair: Sheffield’s main venue for up-and-comers